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Having Central Heating Problems?
You May Need a Power Flush

GGB Heating Solutions offer power flushing, which is the recommended way of cleaning sludge or magnatight from a heating system. All new boiler installations are required to be flushed out, if you’re installing a new boiler to an existing system, then it may require power flushing.

Unsure if a Power Flush is needed?

If you have an existing central heating system that doesn't get as hot as it used to or radiators that get hot at the top, but not the middle or bottom, plate/main heat exchanger blockages or pipes that blocked, these are all signs that a power flush maybe required.

We provide a free no obligation inspection to determine if you require a power flush or not. During this consultation we will inspect all of your radiators to check for blockages and any other problems that may need to be rectified before the power flush takes place.

Finally we will take a water sample from one of your radiators just to make sure it is a power flush that's needed and not a chemical flush and filter.

Central Heating Blockages

A power flush will not remove a blockage but will stop them returning. All blockages will have to be removed prior starting a power flush and are not covered in the price.

If your system isn't too badly fouled up, you may be able to just have a chemical flush or fit a filter and x900 filter aid. A chemical flush consists of adding x400 or x800 and leaving it in the system for between a few hours to a maximum of two weeks, then flush it out and adding the inhibitor x100.

We will also have to visually check the pipe for any none barrier pipe on the heating system which will still allow air into the heating system and will cause the sludge to return.

For the ultimate protection it would be advisable to have both a power flush then fit a magna clean filter, x100 inhibitor and x900 filter aid after. By doing this it will continue to protect your system.

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Alternative Solutions to Power Flushing

Magna Clean

Magna Cleans are central heating filters which are designed to remove small iron particles (known as sludge) from your central heating system. These can prevent build up of sludge which could either block your pipes or boiler components and cause and expensive repair.

Once fitted they continuously protect against sludge build up and if used with the correct chemicals they will protect your heating system for years to come.

GGB Heating Solutions have been fitting magna cleans for the past 10 years and believe that they are the most cost effective way of preventing sludge build up in boilers.

Fernox Omega

The nickel-plated, brass TF1 Omega Filter is small, smart and simple. It fits onto vertical and horizontal pipework at a 45 degree orientation and is simple to install with quality valves or slip socket connection.

  • High capacity and compact design
  • Ideal for use in restricted spaces and access areas
  • Easy to install – fits on horizontal and vertical pipework in both flow directions. The filter can operate at an angle of 45°
  • Fast and easy to clean without dismantling the unit
  • Unique action, removes magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from system water
  • Easy to fit slip socket with compression fitting and short pipe cut-out length
  • Will not block or restrict flow
  • Smart, tough, forged brass construction (no hidden porosity) with nickel plating
  • Unique manifold with double radial seals and multiple orientation capability
  • Powerful neodymium magnet assembly with threaded magnet cap
  • As with all magnetic products, if you have an implanted cardiac device extra caution should be taken at all times when handling any magnetic filter
  • Available as 22mm and 28mm products

Reasons to Choose GGB Heating Solutions

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  • All work carried out is by qualified and competent gas engineers

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